Ms Dhoni: The Most Successful Captain Of Indian Cricket Team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as M.S. Dhoni, was born on the 7th of July 1984. The player started his international cricketing career in the ODI against the Bangladesh team in 2004 and ended up his international ODI career in the year 9th of July against the New Zealand team. Dhoni is also known as captain cool due to his calmness and composure while playing the game. Mahi is the most successful captain of the Indian team, and he has broken plenty of records in the career.

There are plenty of facts that you don’t know about the previous captain of the Indian cricket team. Below mentioned are some of the amazing facts about the player, so without wasting any dues, let’s get started.

Top 5 unbreakable records of M.S. Dhoni

captain of the Indian national cricket team
  1. Most international matches in Indian cricket team as a captain. MS Dhoni is one of the most successful captains of Indian cricket and has contributed a lot to the winning percentage. The player has captained the team in 200 ODIs, which is a huge number, and no captain has led the team in this number of matches. Moreover, he also played 72 T20s and 60 tests as the captain of the team. The total number of matches is 332 that is played by M.S. Dhoni as a captain, and the second player is Ricky Ponting, who played 324 matches as a captain from the Australian cricket team.
  2. The highest number of stumps. You might be aware of the quick and lightning stumping of M.S. dhoni, which is one of the most prominent reasons that he did the highest number of stumps in his whole international career. He innovated new techniques and strategies of stumping, which is still inspiring a number of players. The total number of stumps that he did in his whole career 195, and the second player followed by him is Kumar Sangakkara.
  3. The highest number of not outs in ODI cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has the record of remain unbeaten in almost 84 ODIs, and the record by is followed by South African player Shaun Pollock. Indian team almost won every match in which the Indian team remain unbeaten. The winning percentage of the Indian cricket team in which ms dhoni remained unbeaten is almost 95%, and that is a huge number.
  4. Trophies in all formats of international cricket. Cricket is majorly formed on the white ball cricket format, and Dhoni will be remembered as one of the most successful captains of the Indian cricket team. The player-led the Indian team to win in every format of white-ball cricket. The team was captained by the player in the 2011 world cup, which India won, the 2007 T-20 world cup, which India won and at last, the Champion trophy of 2013, which was also won by India.
  5. The highest number of the score as a wicketkeeper in the ODIs. MS Dhoni is the only wicketkeeper who scored 183 runs against the Sri Lanka cricket team in 2005, and no player has dared to break the record of Mahendra Singh dhoni till now. The record was set up by the player in 2005, and still, no one has broker the record yet. The player helped the Indian cricket team to chase the target of 299 runs in no time.

Five interesting facts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • Ms dhoni is the most sponsored athlete of all time
  • He holds a biography named M.S. Dhoni: The untold story
  • The most expensive player at the beginning of the IPL tournament
  • M.S. dhoni Won ICC player of the year twice in a year
  • He has the title of Left colonel

The success behind the Chennai super kings

As IPL is approaching in no time, how can we forget about the team Chennai Super Kings? This is one of the most successful teams of the Indian premier league, and expect 2020, the team have qualified for the playoffs in every session of IPL they have played.

 The team has an unbreakable record of reaching the playoffs ten times, and this is a remarkable number. The prominent reason for the success is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as he led the team in every match the team played.

Summing up

In a nutshell, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will remain one of the greatest captains of the Indian team. There are plenty of unbreakable records that are set up by the player, and there are thousands of interesting hidden facts about the player. The above mentioned are some of the unbreakable records of the player, and if the player withstands the expectations of the fans, the team can wonder in the IPL session 2021.