Ravindra Jadeja: The Most Powerful Fielder Of All Time

Ravindra Jadeja ndian national cricket team

Ravindra Jadeja’s real name is Ravindranish Anirudhsinh Jadeja was born on 6 December 1988. The player’s nickname is judge, and he is a former left-handed batsman of the Indian cricket team; and the player’s primary strength is fielding. However, the players are capable of both bowling and batting. The player has done wonders in the past tournaments of international cricket and domestic cricket.

There are tons of hidden facts that you don’t know about the judge as he is one of the most potent all-rounders of all time. Below mentioned are some of the hidden and exciting facts about Ravindra Jadeja, so without wasting any dues, let’s get started.

International cricket debut

Ravindranish Anirudsinh Jadeja

The cricketer performed his international ODI debut in the year 2009 against the Sri Lankan team, and the debut of the player was quite smashing. The player scored 60 runs in 77 balls against the group; however, the test debut of the player was quite late. Rockstar performed his test debut in the year 2012 against England.

  • Army studies. Ravindra Jadeja’s father asked him to study in an army school, but Ravindra Jadeja’s passion for cricket did not let him study in the army school. Ravindra Jadeja’s mother supported him throughout the journey to play cricket. But after the demise of his mother, the player was utterly broken and almost dropped the dream of representing the country. Sister of Ravindra Jadeja helped him to pass through the bad phase and motivated him to play for the country.
  • No one ranking in ICC. The proud moment for Ravindra Jadeja’s fan was that in 2013 Jadeja was on the list of No.1 ICC ODI bowler. After Kumble reached the top ranking, Ravindra Jadeja was the first player to achieve this ranking. It was a great and proud moment for the fans of Ravindra Jadeja, and Indian cricket team fans are still cherishing the moment.
  • No. 12. Jadeja has done some great wonders in his whole cricket career, it is all of his skills, but Jadeja believes in luck too. Jadeja feels that 12 is his lucky number, and whenever he performs with number 12 jersey, he performs exceptionally well. There are plenty of other factors that why the player has an obsession with the number 12. He ensured his hotel inauguration on 12/12/2012, which totally indicates that how much he loves the number 12. Moreover, he was selected in the Indian test cricket team in December 2012.
  • U-19 under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. One of the most crucial aspects of Ravindra Jadeja’s career is the under 19 cricket team. The under 19 Indian cricket team won the world cup in Malaysia, and Jadeja was the vice-captain of the group. The title was grabbed in the year 2008 under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. In a nutshell, Ravindra Jadeja performed really well in the team and took almost ten wickets in 6 matches.

IPL experience of Jaddu

  • Sir Jadeja was opted by the Rajasthan based franchise, which Rajasthan royals at the beginning of the IPL tournament. Jadeja was one of the prominent reason for the victory of Rajasthan royals at the inaugural season of the Indian premier league. Moreover, he performed really well in the following season of the IPL from the Rajasthan based franchise.
  • Shane Warne praised Ravindra Jadeja and named him a rockstar after noticing his performing his performances in the Indian premier league. But due to some obvious reasons, the player did not manage to maintain the spot in the team.
  • In 2011 the player was bought by the team Kochi tuskers which unfortunately got terminated later from the IPL season. It was pretty heartbreaking for the Ravindra Jadeja’s fans, but everything happens for good.
  • Later the player found his home team, Chennai super kings, and the player is still in the group. Two teams bid on the player in the 2012 IPL auction. He was one of the most expensive players of the IPL 2012 auction. The player did some fantastic wonders in the Chennai super kings, and the media image of the player is relatively clean.

Out of all these facts, the most amazing fact is that he is one of the greatest fielders in the history of cricket. The direct throws of the players are pretty remarkable, and there are plenty of incidents where the player have displayed the skillset and left everyone’s heart pumping excitement.

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the greatest of all time. Moreover, he is in relatively good form. The above mentioned are some of the exciting facts about Ravindra Jadeja, and the player is expected to perform really in the upcoming season of the Indian premier league.