Virendra Sehwag: The Smashing Opener

Virendra Sehwag players in cricket

Virendra Sehwag, also known as Viru, was born on October 20th in 1978, in Najafgrah, in Delhi. The player is a former international right-handed batsman that has served the country for many years. He is renowned as one of the most destructive batsmen in the history of cricket. There were many incidents when he scored 4s and 6s at the first ball of ODIs and T20s.

Even if you are a Virendra Sehwag fan, there are still some facts that you don’t know about the player. Viru have devoted many years to the player for the country and is now retired from international cricket. Below mentioned are some of the interesting facts about the Sultan of Multan, so without wasting any dues, let’s get started.

International debut

Virendra Sehwag player has now retired from international cricket

Virendra Sehwag performed his ODI debut in the year 1999 against the team Pakistan; unfortunately, the virus failed too miserable to render a smashing start to his career. The player got out at the score of 1 by the bowler Shoaib Akhtar. The player entered the team as an all-rounder but was quite expensive in the balling unit; in a nutshell, the start of his career was quite devastating and heartbreaking.

The player did not get any place in the playing 1X of the Indian cricket team for almost 20 months after this incident. Later he started smashing the bowler in a pretty deadly way, and he was unstoppable after he secured his place in the Indian cricket team.

  • The breakthrough year. Every player has a breakthrough in their whole career; the breakthrough year for Virendra Sehwag was 2001. In 2000 viru scored 58 runs in 54 balls against the team Australia with three wickets, but still, it was not his breakthrough year.  In 2001 was the breakthrough as he was promoted to the opening slot in a trio series against the team Sri Lanka and New Zealand. The prominent reason for this was the foot injury of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. In the match against New Zealand cricket, the player scored a century in just 69 balls, and it was the third-fastest century in international cricket. The performance of the player left everyone’s heart pumping with excitement, and in no time, he was the fan-favourite batsman.
  • Personal life. Millions of people are unaware of the personal life of Virendra Sehwag as the player wants to keep it private. Viru was born in New Delhi, but the family is actually from Haryana, and he belongs to a Jat family; moreover, he was the third son of his father, and he has three following brothers. The player was married to Aarti Ahlawat in April of 2004, moreover union law minister of the country Arun Jaitley. Viru have two sons. One was born in the year 2007, and the other was born in the year 2010.
  • The ODI destructor. Cricket fans are aware of the annihilation power of Viru; the player has smashed some amazing innings. The player has scored 8273 runs in his whole ODI career, which includes 15 tons, 38 half-centuries. The best and the highest inning knocked by the player was 219 runs, and this is actually a remarkable number.
  • A disappointing performance in the world cup 2003. The player Virender Sehwag was quite destructive before the main tournament, and he did some fantastic stuff before the real tournament. Virendra Sehwag. Viru scored only 299 runs in the world cup of 2003, which means the average score of the player was somewhat 27, but later in the finals, he scored a pretty considerable score.
  • Excellent performance in the world cup 2011. The second ODI world cup, which India won, was in 2011, and Virendra Sehwag performance was one of the prominent reasons for the win of India. The player performed consistently throughout the tournament; other players like Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir took care of the batting line up along with Viru. The world cup is still like a festival for the fans of Indian cricket, and Sehwag is one of the obvious reason for this festival.

Some remarkable records

  • The player scored the fastest triple hundred in the history of cricket format, and he took 273 balls to score this number.
  • He scored the fastest 250 runs in just 207 balls.
  • He has scored the second-fastest double hundred as the first record is still held by Christopher Henry Gayle.

In a nutshell, Virendra Sehwag was one of the deadliest openers in the history of cricket. The IPL career of the team was devoted to the team Dehli Daredevils; however, the player is now retired from international cricket but was noticed in a recent tournament which was won by the Indian region against the Sri Lanka team.