Yuvraj Singh: The sixer king

Yuvraj Singh cricket player

Yuvraj Singh, also known as Yuvi, was born on the 12th of December in 1981 and is a former land handed batsman and slow arm spinner. The player has served the Indian cricket team for many years, and he is one of the most destructive all-rounders of all time. Yuvi has a huge contribution to some of the major wins of the Indian team. The player is one of the best fielder and aggressive all-rounder that have created some unbreakable records.

Yuvi is the son of the retired fast pace bowler and present actor, and there are plenty of interesting and heartbreaking facts about the life of Yuvraj Singh. Below mentioned are some of the amazing facts of Yuvi, so without wasting any dues, let’s jump straight to that.

International debut in the Indian cricket team

Yuvraj Singh - cricketer

After the major success of Yuvraj Singh in the U-19 world cup, Yuvraj got his first chance in Indian cricket at the ICC KnockOut Trophy. In the first match, the player was against team Kenya; yuvi bowled a few overs and was pretty much economical in that match. Unfortunately, he did not receive to bat in that match; later in the quarter-finals of the championship, he knocked out some of the great players of the Australian cricket team by scoring an innings of 84 in just 80 balls.

  •  An excellent win against England. One of the most memorable moments of Yuvraj Singh’s career is the 2002 NatWest series; the match against the England cricket team was a complete breakthrough for the player. The England team scored 326 against the Indian, and the opening and middle order of the Indian team struggled a lot. The Scorecard of the Indian team was 146-5 when Yuvraj Singh and kaif joined each other at the crease. After the incident, Yuvraj and kaif turned out to a show stealer and led India to victory.
  • Six Sixes in a row. As mentioned ahead, Yuvraj Singh is known as the Sixer king, and he has an unbreakable record of hitting six sixes in a row. Yuvraj Singh has tons of achievement in his whole cricketing career, but this is one of the most remarkable achievements of all time. The player scored six sixes in the over of Stuart Broad of England. After some poky conversation with Flintoff, Yuvraj Singh got all raged up and smashed six sixes in an over of Stuart Broad. The record was later followed by the player Harshal Gibbs, and recently Kieron pollard of the west indies cricket team scored six sixes in a single over against the Sri Lankan cricket team.
  • Battling with cancer. The major turnover of Yuvraj Singh cricketing career was when he acknowledged that he is suffering from lungs cancer. Yuvi went to Boston and Indianapolis for the treatment of these tumours; the player underwent chemotherapy. He was discharged from the hospital in March 2012 and returned to India after the final cycle of chemotherapy in April.
  • Man of the tournament in World cup 2011. Out of every achievement of Yuvi, this is one of the hot achievement of Yuvraj Singh, and his fans were pretty happy after this achievement. The Indian cricket team grabbed the title of world cup 2011 champions, and Yuvraj Singh was the player of the series in this world cup. The player took almost 15 wickets and scored 375 runs in the entire series. In the match against the Ireland cricket team, yuvi displayed an exceedingly exceptional skillset by taking five wickets and 50 runs.

IPL career of yuvi

  • The IPL career of Yuvraj Singh was pretty interesting as he was part of four different franchise. The player almost seven seasons of IPL and kept shuffling in these four seasons.
  • At the inaugural season of the Indian premier league, the player was owned by King 1X Punjab as the icon player. But later, due to some confidential reasons, he was bid by the Pune based franchise Pune warriors.
  • After the franchise left the tournament, Yuvraj Singh was bid by Karnataka based franchise which is royals challengers Bangalore. The player was owned at a price of 14 crore, which was the highest amount of that time.
  • Later the player was owned by the Delhi Daredevils at 16 crores, and it is one of the second-highest bidding amounts, whereas the first still remains Chris Morris which 16.5 crores.

Yuvraj Singh is one of the most explosive all-rounders, and there are plenty of achievements of this player. Yuvi was a player of the series in the world cup 2011 and scored six sixes in an over against Stuart broad. The above mentioned are some of the interesting facts about the sixer king, and overall, he is a great player.